About Patch Brigade / F.A.Q.

          Patch Brigade is a embroidered and printed morale patch manufacturer based out of

El Paso, TX. Our mission is simple: to provide quality patchwork handcrafted in the USA at competitive costs. All of our products are manufactured with materials purchased in the USA and created out of our shop in El Paso, TX.

We believe in creating the best selection and providing the best service in our retail and custom patches. Thank you for stopping by our website and we look forward to earning the opportunity to stitch your custom requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of custom design can I get stitched and is there a minimum?

Technically, you can ask for anything.... but we are slightly limited on the capability of what translates to embroidery. We like to say it's similar to getting a detailed picture and trying to redraw it with crayons. Only so much detail can fit within the tight space of a patch. But we do offer high detailed, custom shapped printed patches. There is NO MINIMUM required, and can order just one single custom patch if needed.

Can I give you artwork to go by and what type of file does it have to be?

Yes, you can give us any images to use as reference. File type will not matter (jpg, png, psd, pdf, bmp, etc). We will have to redraw it in our embroidery/stitching program anyways. The bigger the image, the better it helps though. If you give us a small, blurry, icon image you saved from a web search then we might not be able to zoom in enough to see the details that we need to draw. Our custom patch submission form will allow you to upload images with the rest of the information we need to work with. If there are any issues, we can always accept images through text message or email.

How much does it cost to design based on my artwork?

Currently, we do all artwork for FREE (within reason). If the design is very detailed or very large, we might ask for a deposit to help ensure we don't lose our time and resources. If we fail to do our part then we can refund that deposit. Although, you shouldn't need to worry because that has never happened.

Do you have other pre-made styles you offer?

We ahve hundreds of standard and unique designs we offer on our website. There a certain designs that were initially offered with velcro backnig only, we can make one without velcro if needed (at no extra cost). Most other designs are available in glue/sew on back or velcro backing.

What is the turn-around time for a custom order?

Since we own our own machines and manufacture our own designs, we have the flexbility to act quickly and start stitching once your custom design has been finished and approved by you. Certain factors that help determine your overall order time are: design time needed, amount of detail in design effects amount of stitching and stitch time, quantity needed, if the back is glue/sew on or if we need to sew velcro on, and your absolute, need-by-date. There may be other custom orders already schedule in our time slots that were arranged before your order, but we can scale production up or down depending on everyones needs. In general, once your design has been approved by you, it can be a few days to a week. If you need several hundred, it might be 2 weeks, but we do our best to work quickly and efficiently. You will usually have an estimated time frame while we go through the deisgn process together.

How much does shipping cost?

Currently, we offer a discount of FREE SHIPPING on all orders located in the US. This covers shipping with USPS (post office) with a standard service based on the size of your order. We cover the extra cost of tracking for every order. 1-5 patches typically ships in a thick envelope with tracking, but larger orders will ship with Priority Mail in an envelope or box. Upon your request, any special shipment services will be added to your invoice.

NOTICE: for military addresses (APO,FPO,DPO) ?

Since migrating over to this website/server service, there are technical restrictions preventing us from accepting orders with shipping address with a military APO/FPO/DPO address. We're sorry for this limitation and are anxiously waiting for the feature to become available. For now, we can also accept an order through email posted on our contact page or through either of our website contact/custom patch request order forms. We would need either descriptions, SKUS, screen shots of prodcuts, screen shots of items in a shopping cart, or copy past of cart contents. Again, we're sorry for the inconveneince we are here to help you.

Something was wrong when I recieved my order, what do I do?

We have some measures in place to help us pick the correct items. We are a small business with 2 employees, and although it hardly ever happens, we are human and do make mistakes. To help figure out how a problem happened, we might ask for a picture to see what you actually received. Usually, if something was our fault, we'll ship you the correct item(s) and let you keep whatever you did receive. If for some reason there was a defect in our manufacturing that we didn't catch during our quality check, the same thing applies and we will correct the problem for you. In any event, if you have a problem with your order or items, please contact us through out website chat, website contact form, text message to our business number, or email address posted on our contact page.


Technical difficulties are preventing Military APO/FPO/DPO shipping.

Please email us at patchbrigadeusa@gmail.com to order. Thank you!